From across the room

Are you aware of how I drown inside your bright brown eyes. Hypnotising me. Luring me in. Your perfect almond-shaped eyes peek at me, glaring into my eyes. Your burning gaze swallows me up. My mouth becomes dry and I’m breathless. Your perfectly sculptured face like a candlelight in the dark, with eyes so deep in thought and a smile so innocent. You appear in my dreams. You appear in my thoughts. Butterflies erupt in my stomach like they had been in a cage. They want me to know that these feelings are rare. They want me to embrace them, not to push them away.

My eyes widen as you stroll towards me from across the room. You move with majesty. I take a few steps to you unsure of my intentions, observing your flawless face. I wish you could see the angel that I see. I wish you could feel what I feel. I’m oblivious to your words. I lay my hands on your perfectly sculptured face, as I press my finger on your firm, sensual, soft lips. My eyes forcefully shut.

My eyelids rise to the blurred vision of the suns shining alternating green, the light bouncing of the walls. I squeeze my eyes. The harsh reality sneaks up on me. You are not with me. You remain across the room. The butterflies are soaring fiercely. Striking one another. I should embrace them, not push them away. With each step I take towards you, I can feel the uproarious laughter of the butterflies. This is it.



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